Friday, March 8, 2013

Lulu Block

Hi Dolls...
This time,  i tested the "LULU BLOCK" pattern created by Alviana of Popolok Design. I used to sew the same pattern before Lulu Black and Lulu Blue (You may click here). To be honest, I will definitely feel something is "lost" if I didn't take a chance to sew the last series of the Lulu Dress.
The challenge that I went through during making this dress is, Choosing a fabric and color matching for each block for the dress. I kept changing my mind to change the color shades selection as I want to find a the perfect color shades for my daughter or perhaps I'm so choosey in choosing and determine the colors for this dress.

The Second challenge was, when it comes to sew the zipper. I must admit that I was a little less expertise when sewing zipper. Shame on Me!
Speaking about the pattern, what I can say this pattern are actually easy to understand, not only for those who are experienced in sewing, but also to those who never have experience in sewing before. With a fairly simple explanation together with step by step picture and full-size pattern pieces. All I can say that this tutorial is very easy to understand and I guarantee you will be extremely satisfied if you have it..

Last but not least I would like to thank Alviana for giving me this opportunity to be one of her Pattern testers.  I'm honored and excited oooo!! Terima Kasih yaa!!!

Are you interested to buy Lulu Pattern?
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That's all for now, until then see you in the next post..



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