Tuesday, June 7, 2011

CLF - Behind the Scenes

I'm just so happy with my house! Walaupun saiznya kecil, I love it & It feels homey. altough we only have two bedrooms, 1 small living room, I am pleased with everything about it! Cuma itulah, it does require lots and lots of creativity with our storage space. Yg paling most important, kena buat spring cleanning every week in order to keep the dust away. If not nanti keluarlah semua allergy symptoms seperti runny or stuffy nose, itchy, watery eyes and sneezing balik-balik tu... 

My craft room is a happy place. I’m dreaming of a clean craft room… Just like this..

 Picture Source : Patchwork Pottery Blog.

Awh I just love this room and I love Laurraine and her blog!. I could look at her craft room for hours..  some people look at fish tanks to relax... I look at craft rooms.. And I just have to say.. Wahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Some people have super cute & extensively organized craft rooms. My craft room is very small and does double duty as an office space & i try my best to keep it clean and simple supaya my hubby taklah "kepot pet pot pet" bila dia nampak office dia tersusun gitu.. And here some photos of my craft room..

 I use recycled jars to store all my tiny minny craft tools & it looks pretty at the same time! Yes!! I think it looks good on my desk too...

And some of my favorite craft tools.. 

Ok, so this post didn’t have a real point. I just like my house & my craft room, that’s all. See you all in next post!  

Until then Happy Crafting..

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